Course Description

Introduction to the gospel and letters of John concerning authorship, unity, historicity, and the situation of the Johannine church. Exploration of basic themes in this tradition and what they reveal about the life of Jesus and believing in him.

Course Objective

  • be able to demonstrate a critical and informed understanding of issues relating to the interpretation of the Johannine literature;
  • be able to demonstrate familiarity with evidence indicating the history, development and distinctiveness of Johannine Christianity;
  • be able to demonstrate critical appreciation of the distinctiveness of the Gospel of John;
  • be able to discuss similarities and differences between the Gospel of John, the Johannine epistles and Revelation, including their literary, historical and theological relationships;
  • be able to discuss major theological and ethical themes in the Johannine literature and critically evaluate their contemporary relevance;
  • be able to demonstrate advanced competence in the exegesis and interpretation of biblical texts through critical engagement with primary biblical materials and constructive engagement with secondary literature; and
  • be able to demonstrate self-guided learning, including advanced research, writing and communication skills.


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