Pauline Thought




Course Description

The contribution of the Apostle Paul to the understanding and practice of the Christian faith cannot be overestimated. His thirteen letters provide some of the most important material for Christians, which they have wrestled with over the years as they have sought to formulate an appropriate view of what it means to be “Christian.” How to read Paul rightly is as strongly contested now as it has ever been. This course will provide students with an overview of the contemporary issues in the interpretation of Paul, a survey of the theological teaching of his letters, and a provisional synthesis of his main lines of teaching.

Course Objectives

  1.  To be able to locate the letters of Paul in the context of his life and ministry and to appreciate how that context
    informs the theology of each letter.
    2. To get a general idea of the particular theological contribution of each Pauline letter.
    3. To learn the main foci of Pauline theology and understand how the various letters contribute to our
    understanding of these foci.
    4. To appreciate the essential unity of Paul’s teaching by seeing how the diverse witness of his letters on key
    issues combines in an overall unity.
    5. To appreciate how Pauline theology, in whole and in its parts, interfaces with the larger enterprise of NT
    theology and with biblical theology.
    6. To stimulate serious personal reflection on Paul’s teaching, reflection that will result in deeper obedience to
    our Lord and more effective proclamation of the gospel.


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