Course Description

This course equips potential church planters and established church pastors to preach and lead with the gospel in various missional situations to establish a church plant through
personal and corporate evangelistic outreach. Students will explore the first principles of evangelism, discernment of the cultural context for gospel proclamation, personal evangelism
rhythms, follow‐up discipleship, as well as inculcation of an evangelistic culture and community into a young church. “We all want to make a difference in the world with the gospel. But the idea of sharing our faith can be intimidating. Worse, the idea of sharing our faith to start a new church can be overwhelming. This class moves a missionally-minded student past the intimidation factor and equips him/ her to make a difference by loving a community with the gospel and leading a new church into a love for the lost. Here we learn an evangelism that is biblical, intelligent, relational, and culturally wise. If you want to change the world, impacting a community evangelistically through the church is the best place to start.”

Class Objectives:

  1. To inculcate biblical basic principles of evangelism with an emphasis in church planting.
  2.  To equip potential church planters and established church pastors to strategically discern the spiritual state of the place they will minister and to develop cultural intelligence about
    their mission community.
  3.  To explore various evangelistic methods and strategies that the planter/pastor may use to reach a community more winsomely and effectively.
  4. To think about how to lead a young congregation in gospel mission together and to inculcate a culture that welcomes, reaches and disciples the lost without compromise or mere


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