An introduction to the method and message of the Old Testament prophets in light of the scholarly understanding of the social, religious, and political dynamics of Israel and Judah during
the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian periods. Consideration will also be given to the relevance and implications of the Old Testament prophetic books for religious life and faith in the
contemporary period.


  1. Understand the messages of the prophets in their original contexts of the social, political, economic, and religious life of Israel and Judah, and the Ancient Near East.
    2. Understand the key theological teachings of the Old Testament Prophets.
    3. Analyze the biblical text from a literary and theological perspective, while reading each book in its final form and within the broader context of the canon of Christian scripture.
    4. Become familiar with some of the critical issues in interpreting the prophetic books, such as issues of dating and composition.
    5. Evaluate the prophets’ understanding of their prophetic task and how that ministry functioned in relationship to God’s people, including the civil leadership, the religious
    leadership of other prophets and priests, and the general populace, and apply those insights into ministry within the contemporary church and world.
    6. Appreciate how the prophets addressed their own times with respect to their communication techniques, so as to apply such in “prophetically” addressing our
    contemporary culture and church.
    7. Apply the lessons learned from studying the content of the prophetic messages to their own personal lives and Christian journey


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