Biblical Stewardship




Course Description

As a caretaker of what we have and are, follows theological principles that foster integrity and freely participates within God’s generosity for the health of the whole world. This course helps leaders understand biblical stewardship principles as a basis for encouraging Christian generosity. Students will explore the Scriptures alongside theological and professional writings to develop a  personal philosophy of stewardship and a resource development plan for an organization or church.

Course Objectives

  1. Describe stewardship within the frame of discipleship;
  2. Articulate the biblical metaphor of stewardship;
  3. Discuss the principal of sufficiency and contrast it with the cultural perspective of scarcity.
  4. Theologically and contextually critique current church stewardship programs and their own leadership practices.
  5. Plan a comprehensive and inclusive stewardship program that can be implemented into the full life of the church and spiritual life of members.


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