Indian Church History [ ZAA]




Course Description

This introductory paper intends to help students understand Christianity’s Origin, History, and Growth. It facilitates to understanding of how Christianity has evolved through the ages. It attempts to motivate students to appreciate the culture tradition, and heritage of Christianity, and helps the student to understand the relevance of Christianity in the modern world and contribute towards its growth.

Course Objectives

  1. To feel and appreciate the Christian Tradition in India so the student understands that our generation lives on the growing edge of a vast Christian heritage.
  2. To acquire basic factual knowledge of the persons, places, dates, events, and movements that shaped the history of the Christian Church in India.
  3. To appreciate the importance of primary sources and the nature and effects of historical interpretation.
  4. To view the present in the light of the prior beliefs and actions of the Christian community.
  5. To evaluate one’s Christian vocation in the light of the historical and theological currents of the Christian tradition.
  6. To gain insight into the nature and practice of Christian ministry.


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