Systematic Theology 3




This course will survey to the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology),  the Church (Ecclesiology), and Last Things (Eschatology), defining the scriptural views
and showing the arguments for them, refuting other views, emphasizing the relevance of theology to the Christian life and witness. This course stresses the Baptist view of the church and of the ordinances, as well as broader Baptist polity and the various eschatological perspectives.

Course Objectives
1. Students will gain a broad comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of the listed  topics
2. Students will be able to identify key biblical texts and definitions related to the listed topics
3. Students will be able to articulate and defend  Biblical  views of the listed topics
4. Students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the listed doctrines by synthesizing course material and providing biblical, theological, and historical support.
5. Students will be able to evaluate the listed doctrines in order to inform Christian ministry and life.


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