Synoptic Gospel [ C]




A detailed examination of the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, with special focus on the distinctive portrait of Jesus that each present. Major issues and contemporary methods for the study of gospel literature will be introduced. Central emphasis on  Christology, with a general introduction to literary, socio-historical, and tradition-critical methodologies.

Learning Objectives :

As a result of this course students will develop:

  1. Knowledge of the contents, distinctive themes, and theology of each Synoptic Gospel.
  2. Understanding of the Synoptic Problem, its hermeneutical implications, and gospel origins.
  3.  Ability to use the tools of Synoptic criticism; awareness of modern scholarship.
  4. Competence to express in writing your grasp of different methods of studying the Synoptic.
  5. Growing ability in applying the Gospels to modern ethical and theological situations


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