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Zoe Leadership Institute

Our Story

Zoe Leadership Institute [ ZLI] is evolved after many consultations among the church leaders working in Northern part of India. Even though there are many theological institutions in India, for Christian ministers and laypersons, quality theological education is inaccessible due to the cost involved and residency demand. Moreover, English is the predominant language of communication in many of these theological institutions. In such a context, ZLI is formed to provide cost effective, quality education in Hindi without leaving the workplace or ministerial context.  ZLI is functioning under Zoe trust, registered under the provision of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

Mission Statement

Zoe Leadership Institute seeks to provide quality academic programs in indigenous language prioritizing biblical authority and contextual church discipleship, by training men and women.

The vision of Zoe Leadership Institute is to become a leading virtual theological institution in indigenous languages from grassroot to post graduate level, and thus accomplish its mission for the glory of God.

Core values

Zoe Leadership Institute promotes the following core values in order to attain its mission.

Why ZLi?

Interactive community: Contribute, grow and engage with professors and classmates through video conferencing and online discussion that allow everyone to participate.

Virtual courses: Enjoy the option of a more traditional class structure with live lectures and discussion.

Affordability: ZLI serves the students who seeks a quality education in religious studies at affordable price. The institute welcomes the believers and non- believers by laying aside denominational trappings and historical interpretation. Studies focus on biblical scripture.

Flexibility: ZLI employs a rolling application procedure.. Virtual classrooms are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to customize  their learning plan to fit their schedule.

Discover Quality: ZLI exists to make a college-level education in religious and theological studies available to highly motivated students who want to prepare for church leadership but cannot find that education due to financial or other practical reasons. We have provided quality independent study courses at minimal cost to the students by not having a physical campus, by recruiting university professors and other professionals.

  • Implement a Christ-centred, biblically oriented curriculum that recognizes the Bible as the infallible and authoritative rule of faith and conduct.
  • Conduct a program designed to enrich the learning experiences of all students and promote their effectiveness in ministry, including those with a strong background in Bible and ministry and those with secular education.
  • Establish a curriculum designed to assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for Christian leadership, encourage a spirit of inquiry, and develop the student’s skills in Research.
  • Maintain an environment, provide activities, and offer guidance conducive to developing the spiritual life and character of students as servants of God.

Three - center approaches

Three Centres philosophy of virtual theological education program is to help students on assisting to acquire the following.

Head approach

Educate in Sound Biblical/ theological foundation

heart approach

Enlighten for Strong Personal and Spiritual Character

hand approach

Empower for Servant Leadership

Certificate of Theology (C. Th)

The Certificate of Theology is designed to provide grassroot level theological education for those in ministry/ lay persons without a theological training or secular education. This program is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge of Scripture and ministry. It gives a holistic development for ministry in the life of the graduates.

Diploma of Theology (Dip. Th)

The Diploma of Theology is designed to provide theological education for those in ministry as well as pastors and church planters for effective leadership and ministry skills along with deeper understanding of Scripture and theology. This course provides an opportunity to enhance the understanding of scripture for those who did not get a thorough theological training. It prepares students for a holistic ministry and empowers them for a greater contribution in the ministry field.

Bachelor of Theology (B. Th)

The Bachelor of Theology is designed to prepare graduates for ministry and leadership within church and community settings. The B.Th. integrates a well-developed foundation in Christian Studies with a broad and coherent theoretical and practical knowledge in theology and biblical studies. This includes exploration of the Christian tradition as developed historically and within faith traditions. It also includes engagement in the study of the primary texts of the Christian faith (Old and New Testaments) with reflection on how those texts have been interpreted both historically and in contemporary readings. General skills in communication and problem solving are developed alongside specialist knowledge and expertise in their chosen specialization. Theories are applied and professional skills are developed through practical assessments and work-integrated learning.

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Master of Divinity program seeks to train Christian leaders in the areas of applied Christian living and ministry. This program is designed for students who want to aspire to be leaders in Christian ministry. Upon graduation students will have a deep understanding of the church and its context. It will also help to have deeper commitment in developing spiritual maturity in others as well as themselves. It will also inculcate a professional skill that will enable to lead congregation and institution. This program will catalyse to use theological principles to make independently formed judgements on contemporary issues in the post-Christian world. Graduates are equally prepared to continue their studies to pursue an advanced professional degree.

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