Introduction to pastoral Counselling   |   Date: March, 3,4 Time - 9.00-11.00 PM [IST] , 7:30 - 9:30 PM [UAE]       

Poetic Books- The Book of Psalms

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About Course

Course Description

This course is an analysis of the Psalter and wisdom books of the Old Testament. It includes a study of Hebrew poetry, along with a study of the purpose, message, and function of the Psalms and wisdom books. This course has a particular focus on various methods and approaches to these books.

Course Objectives

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic content, structure, and historical background of Psalms and wisdom books (Engagement and Motivation)
  2. Recognize and describe major features of Hebrew poetry and their significance for interpretation (Performance and Action)
  3.  Exegete a passage from Psalms or the Wisdom books by utilizing a variety of methods and by appropriately using digital resources (Performance and Action)
  4.  Engage in theological reflection from Psalms and/or the wisdom books (Reflection and Critique)
  5. Appropriate a passage from the Psalms or Wisdom books to a ministry context (Commitment and identity)
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Course Content


  • Assignment on Book of Psalms

Class Participation
Class Participation consist of 10% marks

Final Examination
Final examination consist of 60% marks

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