Book of Corinthians [ ZAA]




Course Description

This course will focus on the introduction, background, text, and discourse structure of the first and second letters of Paul to the Corinthians. Emphasis will be on the conflict between Christ and the culture, especially as applied to Christo-pagan tendencies in missionary situations. Special attention will be given to Paul’s view of his own ministry as a church planter. The focus will be on the use of primary source material in understanding the Bible, especially the text of the Bible itself. As a sidelight, the use of the text of the Corinthian letters as they apply to current controversies will be considered.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will come to faith in the saving work of God in Jesus Christ.
  2. Students should develop a biblical faith that shows itself in loving service to God and humanity.
  3. Students will be transformed into holy living in accordance with the Spirit of God.
  4. outline and critically evaluate different models of the Corinthian community and its
  5. accurately interpret a passage from  Corinthians, paying attention to:
    • historical, cultural, and social context;
    • the nature of the issues in Corinth;
    • the nature and structure of Paul’s rhetoric in the passage;
    • the place of the passage in Paul’s larger argument in the letter;
    • the contribution of the letter to Paul’s overall message;
    •  the use of OT quotations, allusions, or motifs;
    • other implications of the passage for contemporary church life


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