Church History II- Reformation and Modern Church History




This course is an introduction to the history of Christianity from the Reformation to the modern or present day. The story of Reformation and its aftermath is a story of courage, struggle, success, and victory of the truth and the expansion of the church. This course will cover the Reformation story, Counter-Reformation, prominent people, and their contributions and spread of Reformation ideas in the European nations. The Reformation in selected nations of Europe would be studied in detail, the origin and development of various Protestant denominations would be part of the study, the development of doctrinal differences among Protestants, and the very general history of the Christianizing of the New World by various Christian denominations, and the taking of Good News to the Third World would be covered. This course can be divided into two major sections such as Reformation history and the Modern History of Christianity.



  1. To develop an understanding of the background of the history of Christianity.
  2. To explore the contents, significant issues, and events in the history of Christianity.
  3. To study key persons of Reformation and modern history- life, teachings, contribution etc. in a manner that would inspire and challenge the students.
  4. To motivate the students to present their faith boldly, as seen in history.


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