General Epistles




A study of 1 John, James, Jude, and 1 and 2 Peter which builds on the methodology of the first inductive Bible study course by further use of what has been previously learned and by emphasizing the study of books as wholes. Accordingly, there is a special focus on the initial survey of books as wholes, the interpretation of parts of books in the context of the book as a whole, and the synthesis of books. In addition,  attention is given to thinking, valuing, and living biblically by learning how to apply Scripture to life and ministry.

Course Objective:

The emphasis will be upon the observation and interpretation of books as wholes. By the end of the course, the student should be able to do the following:

  1. Employ structural observations for the interpretation of individual passages within the book, as well as for the interpretation of the book as a whole.
  2. Raise various kinds of interpretive questions, and answer these questions, based on the use of exegetical determinants;
  3. Employ various kinds of relevant evidence, including that which involves exegetical use of the original languages, in a process of inferential reasoning for the interpretation of individual passages within the book, as well as for the book as a whole.
  4. Synthesize the interpretation of units of various lengths, such as the paragraph, the segment, the section (division), and the book as a whole;
  5. Use aspects of methodology that are especially relevant for epistolary material;
  6.  Evaluate and apply truths that emerge from the interpretation of the material.
  7.  Articulate the major issues involved in the movement from text to proclamation; move from the interpretation and application of the text towards its proclamation, and integrate the interpretation and application of a passage in the General Epistles with that of a correlative passage from the Old Testament so as to move toward a sermon (or teaching lesson) based on both an Old Testament and New Testament text.


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