Course Description
In the mid-60‟s, biblical theology was declared to be in a state of ―crisis, with some pronouncing it ―exhausted‖, a ―failure‖, or ―dead.‖ Yet since that time a new perspective, the study of the Bible as ―canon‖, has breathed new life and vigor into biblical studies. This course will address the issues involved in approaching the OldTestament (the Tanak) canonically, and evaluate the promise that this method holds for evangelicals.

 Course Goals

…. Will demonstrate an understanding of the concept of doing biblical theology: what it is, how it relates to other biblical and theological studies, how and why it developed, its subject matter, and various methodologies.

. . . will demonstrate the ability to identify through independent study the theological themes of various OT texts and . . . will trace and display the development of an author‘s argument and compositional strategy within an OT book.
. . . should gain a greater appreciation for the literary and theological unity of the OT, i.e. how the OT coheres and works together as a whole. . . . should display a heightened desire to study the OT for his or her own spiritual growth and for effective preaching or teaching ministry.


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